About David Petersen, Principal Interventionist

When you engage the services of Intrepid Interventions, you will be safe in experienced hands. David Petersen has over 25 years of experience as an interventionist. He has helped hundreds of families through the intervention process, and his ongoing successes in this area are supported by experience and education, both broad and deep. His passion is helping families and addicts reverse unhealthy situations and find gateways to recovery.

In addition to considerable experience, David holds advanced academic and clinical credentials, including graduate degrees in social work and health administration, along with licenses in clinical social work and addictions counseling. If you require more specific information, you can see David’s CV here.

David Petersen’s understanding of addiction & psychopathology is further enriched and nuanced by his own experiences with heroin addiction and criminal culture. From this experience, he can empathize with individuals and families as well as provide proof that long-term recovery is possible.

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