David Petersen, LCSW, LAC

Clinical Consultant & Interventionist

Profile of David Petersen, LCSW, LAC
David Petersen, LCSW, LAC

David Petersen provides professional guidance to communities in various forms. Both as a clinical and pastoral consultant, David offers support from an informed, experienced perspective. David’s career experience working in various care delivery systems from healthcare to corrections, and family to community spans decades. He sees much of his experience value stemming directly from difficulties survived and built upon. David often says that “his darkest times are the neon lights on his resume.”

David is currently devoting the majority of his focus on the “opioid epidemic” that is heavily impacting virtually all communities across the country. The tensions between moral, economic and social priorities are seen by David as difficult yet discernable challenges that can be resolved. With open and collaborative effort, David sees the solutions within reach. Conflicted families parallel conflicted communities and conflicted stakeholders. From private to public healthcare, and schools to employers to courts, a conflagration of competing priorities clouds the issue out of focus.

…tensions between moral, economic and social priorities are difficult yet discernable challenges that can be resolved. With open and collaborative effort, solutions are within reach…

If your family, or your community, or organization want fresh light on the heroin fatality epidemic, over-medication trends or other matters related to mental health crisis, call David Petersen. He is accommodating to non-profit organizations with resource limits, and adaptive to the unique needs of all persons, cultures and values.


First and foremost, David Petersen provides families who are in conflict and crisis with guidance in matters involving addiction and other unregulated behavioral issues. Crisis debriefing, workgroup malfunction and other extra-familial situations are within the scope of David’s practice and expertise. For more detailed information, click HERE.


David Petersen provides clinical consultation to families, organizations and agencies whose needs are less immediate but ongoing challenges requiring an independent perspective and objective opinion to decide and nuance a course of action. Matters with clinical, pastoral and organizational considerations. For assistance or more information, do not hesitate to contact him.


Public speaking, to professional or lay groups as well as customized training are available with David Petersen. He is credentialed to provide professional development approved trainings in various disciplines, either independently or through your group’s affiliations. For assistance or more information, do not hesitate to contact him.


David Petersen, Clinical Interventionist
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Heroin Truth Podcast (accompanied by a local Heroin Truth discussion group, alternate Wednesday evenings in Colorado Springs. Inquire & RSVP by email or website consultation request.)

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